Sunday, February 17, 2008

Updated homestudy required for Florida

It is a good thing we had to update our homestudy for FL because when I was copying all official documents, I learned that our certified copy of our marriage certificate was missing. Since we'll need this when we travel, I have ordered new ones. They should be arriving here this week and then we'll have our portion of the paperwork done for the updated homestudy. Then we can sit and wait some more.

I spoke with Rachel at AOH and found out that our kids are still at the orphanage. It has been so long that I was beginning to fear that their dad came back to get them since the Liberian deputy minister issued some bad press about adoptions and child trafficking in January. However, they are still waiting for us. We sent a card along with another family so that the kids know we haven't forgotten about them.

Until next time....

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Donna Barber said...

And I havent forgotten about them either. Hanging in there with you. I hope it is soon.