Friday, February 22, 2008

TAXES!! Arghh!

You probably all have some tax frustration you can relate to. I currently have two issues with taxes.... first, to get the homestudy updated I needed a copy of our most recent taxes. Second, I need to do this year's taxes. I've been thwarted with both. Since we've moved, yep, you guessed it, I can't find last year's taxes. Oh, I have them in a data format which this year's software can't convert into print format but no paper copies. So, I figured I'd just do this year's taxes and send them. Ha! Del's company overtaxed his social security and medicare and my tax software doesn't recommend proceeding until we've gotten a refund from his company with a corrected W-2. Good news and bad news... we should get a nice chunck of money back but not in time for my self-imposed deadline to get the homestudy update completed.

However, God is good and after unpacking another 8 boxes yesterday, I did find last year's tax software. Now I'm crossing my fingers that I can install the software, access the tax data file and be able to print last year's taxes.

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