Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. A few things I'm thankful for are our wonderful bio kids and their families, our three Liberians waiting for us, our health and the health of our extended family and our farm buyer. We signed the papers to sell our farm yesterday and will travel Sunday to go househunting. The move date is set for after Christmas so the countdown has begun.

The adoption has been slowed down in the US Embassy in Liberia. Evidently the recent passport/visa issues in the USA caused the new consular's helpers to be delayed in getting to their new Liberian post. I did my civic duty along with many other parents adopting from Liberian and contacted my government officials, including the state dept., to find out if there was anything we as parents needed to do to advocate for our kids in getting the adoptions back up to speed. The number of families traveling to get kids per month has slowed by 2/3 since this summer due to a number of issues. This caused our case to be delayed, too. However, according to the lady in charge of children's issues in the US State Dept., help is on the way to Liberia and should be in place by early December. Good news!

So, our time line is first week in December - find a new home in Florida, December 26 - the movers come to start packing what we have left, New Year's Eve - be in Florida, January 2 or 3 - deliver household goods to new home.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

We Sold Our Farm!!!

We finally sold our farm!! Our renter that has been using our farmland came to us with an offer that we couldn't refuse. The closing date is set for November 26. After that Del and I travel to Florida to find a new home. We are full of mixed emotions for leaving behind our family. Yet we know that we will be visiting often. I have lots of respect for missionaries!