Friday, August 31, 2007

Family Time

Today we went to the used book stores to try to find books off the kids' reading list for schooling. The first store yielded a few books after much searching. The second store had TONs of books on my lists however, they were all in the vintage books pricing scheme. I love old books but I couldn't bring myself to buy them at those prices knowing that they would never last through the kids reading them. I'll have to keep searching or print them off an ebook site. We are starting school next week with the Robinson Curriculum method. We have used an eclectic mix for a while now but Del and I felt this method would be best for the kids and I as we add our three newbies to the family this fall.

Last night was Craig's twelfth birthday. It is hard to believe he is that old already! I am always amazed how quickly they grow up. We have three beautiful granddaughters that are changing every time we see them. It is so great to be a grandma. The only drawback is not being right next door. I'd love that. Now with the impending move with Del's work we'll be even farther away. I keep reminding myself that Abraham and Sarah moved so far away from their families and not once but a few times. God will provide and we will survive. I'm looking forward to Sunday when my dad and sister and all the kids (and their families) will be with us to celebrate Craig and Erik's birthdays together.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Welcome to our world

This is the first picture we received of Abraham, Diamond and Kindness when we got our referral. They are siblings. From what we know, their father brought them to the orphanage a few months after their mother died. He has other children and can't provide for the basic needs of these younger kids. Donna wrote a recent blog called 'Unconditional Love' about witnessing a mother bringing her children to the orphanage and how hard it must have been for her and the kids. It was very poignant.

We received our referral in April and are hoping for finalization of the adoption in Liberia in September. Then we wait another month or so for the kids to receive their US Visas to be able to bring them home. Add to this drama is the fact that we are also trying to sell our farm and relocate to over 1000 miles away. God is teaching us all patience this year!!

Monday, August 27, 2007

First try at blogging!

Our site is under construction. Please be patient as I get it ready to view.