Saturday, December 8, 2007

We found a house....moving in 3 weeks..

We finally have an accepted offer on a nice home in Florida. It is only a year old. The previous owners had a job transfer also and had only lived in the home for six months. He was a general manager for Lowe's so the house has lots of upgrades. The kitchen is awesome! I'm looking forward to working in that area with all the kids.

However, we're all going through the realization that we are really moving. Pack and load dates are scheduled for the day after Christmas. We expect to be celebrating New Year's in the new place. With that in mind I've found myself being pulled between being excited to be moving into a new place and very sad and weepy to be leaving our oldest three girls and their families.

Regarding the timeframes for the adoption.... since we don't know if we'll travel within the 30 day window it takes to establish residency in the new state, we'll have to get an updated homestudy done and our address updated on the necessary papers. We'll be starting that as soon as we get moved in so that we'll be ready when we get the call to pickup Abraham, Kindness and Diamond.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Looking for a home in Florida

Del and I are in sunny Florida now (have been for a week) looking at houses around Gainesville. Although it is beautiful weather, I'm having a hard time turning on the car AC in December!!! for pete's sake. We spoke with the kids today and they had about 6 inches of snow last night and then rain this morning that is turning to ice.

We've put in an offer on one house that was rejected last week. Then we put in an offer on another house on Friday night that is held by a relocation property. We're waiting for Monday morning to hear back on the status of our offer. It is a nice home with enough room for us. We're supposed to go home on Wednesday so getting an accepted offer is our goal. So pray for our success.