Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Back on track

It has been almost a month since we've moved in. Isn't it surprising how fast time goes and yet, it seems like we just got here. Anyway, most of the boxes are emptied and legal things done to move in. Now we start on updating our homestudy and getting all the addresses changed on the necessary adoption forms. The group of families from AOH that received referrals about the same time as we did has started to see some movement in the arduous process of bringing home the kids. A couple of families unfortunately lost their referrals when the birthparents changed their minds and a couple of families have received news that the children's adoption was finalized in Liberia. That leaves about four families left to have their adoptions finalized and that's where we are.

After the adoptions are finalized we still have to wait for the passports and visas but those processes seem to be starting to move again as well now that the holidays are over. There doesn't seem to be any way to predict with any accuracy how fast the process will take for us. Therefore we meet with the homestudy lady from Florida on Thursday to get our update done as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, we're visiting churches and homeschool groups. We've met a lot of interesting people and even went on a field trip. I want to take the kids to see the manatees and the butterfly forest and the botanical gardens and the big sink hole..... We had our first out of state visitors over the weekend which was great. Most importantly :-} we got our library cards!

I get to go back to Wisconsin this coming weekend to see my grandma and for my youngest granddaughter's first birthday. The weather is predicted to be nicer than it was for Icebowl II (the playoff game between the Packer's and the Giant's). It is supposed to be in the teens the last I heard. I'm glad I didn't give away ALL my sweaters. Take care everyone.

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