Saturday, January 5, 2008

We're in Florida

Well we made it to the south. We are waiting for phone and internet service so this is a quick update from the local library. We are all experiencing culture and weather shock. We left Wisconsin in a snowstorm that dumped 6-8 inches the last day we were loading the moving van. It has been 75 here in Florida except for a couple of days when the high was only 45. I'll write more as soon as I can.


Brandi said...

Isn't our weather amazing?! Wait until next week when it drops below 70 and everyone starts talking about "the cold front"!

Welcome to Florida!


julie said...

sorry to see you leave wisconsin.........although i am sure you will have lots of fun with brandi. it is -10 about a cold front!

julie said...

brandi is the first commenter...........again!