Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Abraham's I-600 appears to be lost....

Long time, no post. We have had a difficult time with personalities meshing for a few weeks but seem to have worked everything out now. That plus getting schoolwork done and having Erik in another play always ties up things around here.

Regarding my title, we still have had no word from the US government regarding Abraham's I-600. We've been searching for it since December when we know it arrived in the states. However, no one seems to know anything about it or where it was sent. We've contacted our US Representative again to see if they can help us but we're pretty skeptical because it seems that two of our government agencies managed to lose our paperwork.

What then? you ask. We will refile the I-600 for AB here in the states before our fingerprints and I-600A approval expires. We haven't given up yet. We're still praying that we can bring Abraham home. We should be able to do this since Liberia is a non-Hague convention country and the law allows siblings to come. However, from what I've seen in the government is that what SHOULD happen doesn't always happen.

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