Sunday, February 8, 2009

Abraham news.... not much

I haven't been very faithful in providing updates these last few weeks. We've been working hard at getting back into our schoolwork and regular routine. We've also been pestering the Liberian doctor to give us his conclusions after he reviewed Abraham's x-rays from the Mercy ship. I finally spoke with him this week and I think he accidentally told me more than he wanted to. He said that since the x-rays he reviewed were obviously from a much younger person they (the x-rays) COULDN"T be from Abraham. When I asked if he would evaluate Abraham again the doctor said no. When I asked if there might have been a clerical error, he said no. When I asked for a copy of the original x-rays from the doctor, he said they weren't for personal consumption and he hung up on me. So I think we've followed that path to its end. The silver lining as we see it is that even the Liberian doctor recognized that Abraham's x-rays validated what we believed, that he was much younger than 17 even though the doc wouldn't admit he made a mistake.

We are proceeding with interviewing an immigration attorney to help us with our government's paperwork and procedure. Hopefully this person can help us make some progress.

I have more to add about the rest of the family in a later post.

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