Wednesday, January 28, 2009

SSN, ATIN, and Barbies

Well, I spent the morning trying to get the girls' SSN but found out I didn't have all the paperwork in order. Actually, I didn't have the processes done in order to get the SSN. To get the SSN, they have to have their American birth certificates with our names as their parents. Since we don't have that yet, we have to get ATIN, or Adoptive Tax Identification Numbers. Yeah.... lots of fun because I get to interact with our government some more. Can you tell I'm excited? Not.

On a postive note, a nice lady from town gifted us with about half a dozen Barbies through Freecycle. If you haven't checked it out, Freecycle is a great way to pass along clothes, toys, books, and all sorts of STUFF that we accumulate but don't need. Diamond told me she doesn't 'loove' them anymore, though, because Erik took out the batteries for the voice boxes for the talking ones. I guess Erik takes after us. :-) We'll see how long she avoids them. Our little Liberians really don't know how to play with toys. Outdoor, playground toys they are fine with but dolls and blocks and coloring books aren't as fun for them. Karl and Craig have played many rounds of Candyland to help get the girls going on their own. They are having to learn how to play quietly and not be entertained.

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