Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We're starting over with paperwork

After nine months of waiting for word from our government about why Abraham was denied his visa so that we could start the appeal process we have started the process to refile the I-600 document.

A summary of what happened is that the US Embassy denied Abraham's visa claiming him to be too old. We came home with his sisters and without him on November 1. Mid-December we had a tracking number that Abraham's visa case was returned to the National processing center in New Hampshire. We waited many months until the Office of Children's Issues in the State Department stepped in and recreated his file and sent it to the USCIS office in Washington, D.C. After that we heard rumors that the file was sent to Rome's USCIS office and Accra's USCIS office in Africa. We never received the document saying what the status of his case was and how to appeal the process.

We're hoping that our paperwork gets processed by the time Liberia decides to open up adoptions again because even though we've finished the Liberian adoption, no visas are being issued for any children except very special needs kids. Diamond, Kindness and the rest of us are anxious to bring him home.

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