Thursday, October 18, 2007

Please Go Away!

So here's the latest..... After hearing from 'The Buyers' on Monday, we gave them three options which included not buying our farm. They were supposed to respond by Tuesday evening which they did not. Wednesday morning my DH told our realtors to tell 'The Buyers' to "please go away" if they happened to call back because we were done dealing with them. That afternoon our realtor told us that they got to tell 'The Buyers' to go away when they called the realtors to try to make some more deals. 'The Buyers' were flabbergasted that we didn't want their business. I guess they didn't think stringing people along for weeks was frustrating or else, that we were so desperate to sell that they could do what they liked and we'd still sell to them. Surprise!

In summary, we trusted that God would bring the right buyer for our farm in the right time when we let go of 'The Buyers'. Now we have a showing on Thursday evening with new people. How cool is that! Maybe these are the right buyers? We're praying for them, whomever they are.

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