Sunday, October 14, 2007

Lessons in Patience & new pictures

Well, I guess God thinks we haven't learned our lessons in patience this summer because we are having more lessons. In case you're wondering what I am talking about..... the farm sale deal fell through over the weekend. We were disappointed and had to quickly cancel airplane reservations we'd made to go househunting. However, we feel relieved that we're no longer struggling to close that particular deal. We're regrouping this weekend and will let you know what's going on as soon as we figure it out!

On a positive note, we did get a chance to babysit two of our granddaughters for a couple of days and visit extended family at a birthday party. We hadn't seen some of my DH aunts and uncles for a few years so it was great to visit with them this weekend and renew family ties. The photo albums were flying fast and furiously!

Another positive thing was that we received new pictures of Abraham, Diamond and Kindness. The orphanage also sent orphan reports which told more about their character, personalities and physical details such as clothing sizes. We had a surprise when we found out that Abraham was actually 9 years going on 10 years old rather than the 7 years going on 8 years. It turns out their Liberian father didn't want the kids split up between two orphanages and told AOH that Abraham (or AB as he is known at the orphanage) was younger. Our youngest bio boy was a bit disappointed that he wasn't older than Abraham but he decided he could manage. Phew!

Here is a great picture of all three taken in the last couple of weeks.

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