Thursday, September 11, 2008

Orphans around the world...

Now that we live in Florida, we are acutely aware of the hurricanes and tropical storms of our southern state. Tropical storm Fay brought us a lot of rain but we were spared since we were always west of the storm. A homeschool group we belong to alerted us to the troubles of a missionary and a bunch of orphans he is helping in Haiti due to all the flooding through the hurricane season. They were stranded on a rooftop with flour and water for a few days. The whole town is destroyed. Click here for you to get information and to read the whole story.

Another lady from my the AOH support group shared a great slideshow about another family's experience adopting from Ethiopia.

As for any news...Liberia was supposed to have another public hearing on the revisions to the country's adoption laws. However, it didn't happen this week as planned. So, nothing to report.

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