Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Plenty Chicken!

Here is a picture of my dad with the girls the first week back.

Plenty chicken is what Diamond called the turkey we had for Thanksgiving. She was all excited that it was so big. I showed her a picture with a turkey and a chicken together so she could see the size comparison. After that she would call the turkey a churkey. Thanksgiving went well but they weren't that fond of the traditional American fare. I've decided that Diamond is a pickier eater than Kindness. Diamond won't eat pizza, lasagna, or spaghetti yet but she does like macaroni and sheeze. I thought it was the tomato sauce but she did eat a calzone that she dipped in maranara sauce so I'm still confused. Kindness on the other hand likes pizza, spaghetti and lasagne but doesn't like potatoes. So we always have the rice in the refrigerator for a yummy snack of rice and sardines.

Grandpa Howie and Grandma Leah are visiting this week and the girls are busy charming them. Diamond likes having Grandma push her on the bike and Grandpa push her on the swing. Kindness wants them to help her with her baby doll. While the grandparents are here we've had some great Wisconsin cheese and Wisconsin summer sausage that the girls disliked. However, we found that Kindness likes cottage cheese and Diamond likes Grandma's baked beans.

The weather has been pleasant but cool for Florida standards. However, since Wisconsin had about 6 inches of snow on Sunday, Florida's cool weather was a nice treat for the grandparents. The kids are hoping there will be snow when we visit at Christmas time.

Looking FINE!

Let's do the TWIST

Current style that only took me four hours to braid.

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