Monday, November 24, 2008

I think they are finally getting full

I've read on other families blogs that the kids eat tons of food when they get home. It is very true! The girls could eat more than me at mealtime and throughout the day. We bought a rice cooker and 20 pounds of rice to keep up with the demand. I know they were being fed at the orphanage but I guess not as much as they wanted! I've heard this from most adoptive parents, too. Anyway, I think we're finally filling up their stomachs. Diamond actually left part of her second helping the other day. Of course, they are like hobbits in that they would like to eat at all hours of the day also!

Diamond is 34 pounds and tall. She wears a 3T mostly for the waist but slacks are definitely high water pants on her. If we use a belt, she can wear 4T on the bottom. Her arms are long, too so she needs the 4 for the sleeve length in tops.

Kindness is only 25 pounds so a 24 month fits her better. I tried 2T tights last week and she had puddles around her ankles. This week I put 18-24 month tights on and they worked much better.

We're been fortunate to receive bags of clothes from people from church and freecycle since I didn't have the right size in the right season for them. I'm looking for winter jackets for them since we're planning to head to WI over Christmas. We also were gifted a ride on toy and a little bike for them to ride outside. Diamond has almost mastered pedaling a bike with training wheels. I'll post pictures next time.

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