Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Travel medications

Today the task is to get the travel medications ordered, the airline tickets paid for, and the household affairs written up. The travel medications we need are anti-malaria medicine and Cipro. As much as I don't like to take meds, I've heard getting malaria is worse and Cipro can help you if you get one of those tropical nasties. The airline tickets are a special rate so they need to be paid with a certified check rather than a credit card to avoid a 4% fee, so off to the bank I go. Our savings is dwindling at an alarming rate now!

The household affairs thing is for our peace of mind and my dad's. We homeschool so I need to make sure Dad knows what the kids are supposed to be doing while we're gone. They are great kids and will do their work but.... they are still sinners and temptations can sneak up on the best of us. Plus we need to make sure we have our emergency numbers, neighbors that can be called on, power of attorney for medical needs and our will ready. Not that I think anything will happen but I guess that's why the word accident is used.

I'll let you know how much I get done. Del is busy finishing up all the projects he's working on so he can hand off work while he's gone. He told me that he's working at 120% capacity according to his timesheets. That's okay, I know he can't get into much trouble that way. ;-)

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julie said...

oh yeah, you are so close now. i wonder if you know a josiah who would be around abrahams age. we are going to meet him today. i think i will ask if he knows abraham. so excited for you guys!