Thursday, July 17, 2008

Blog Layout and Actors....

Julie asked me how to change the layout of the blog. Just go to Customize, then Layout tab, then choose Pick New Template. The stretch layouts utilize the whole space. Have fun!

Karl is becoming a good actor. He reacts to what is happening onstage and remembers to face the audience. Now he needs to project his voice ..... hard to believe, I know.... and S-L-O-W down. We've been gone a lot in the last few days for Treasure Island practice. Tonight is the dress rehearsal/opening night where the kids perform for a nursing home audience. This show if for kids under 18. There is a student director, Erik, and student stage manager, too. Craig is the lights and sound guy. All of them have learned a lot about stagecraft and working with others to produce a show. I'll let you know how the show goes when we get a real audience. Hopefully my camera will work so I can post some pictures, too.

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