Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fencing is dangerous!

Erik has been learning fencing for his role in Romeo and Juliet. He is pretty good but he said he is hesitant because he's afraid he might hurt someone. I guess I'll have to call him my reformed daredevil now. Anyway, he fell wrong on Monday night at practice and was stiff and sore. Then, Tuesday night I got a call that he'd gotten stabbed in the lip but was okay! He said he didn't even realize he was hurt until he saw blood dripping from his lip. Fortunately, a former paramedic (aka Juliet's father) was there and took care of him pronto. So now he has a fat lip. Thankfully he didn't get stabbed in the eye. I told him that's why we don't play with pointy objects! :-)

You can see the 'C' shaped cut where the foil pierced his lip and the block spot on his lip is the bruising. His braces cut the inside of his lip a little bit, too. It is healing nicely now.

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